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Winning Videos Will Be Published on the Service-Learning Website and Other Platforms; Win a Apple gift card!

Service-Learning Student Video or Poster Contest

Create a video covering the following topics:

  1. What is Service-Learning to you?
  2. What community engagement did the class work with/for? What did that involve?
  3. What was the impact of your Service-Learning (SL) in the community?
  4. Do you think Service-Learning is valuable?
  5. What did you learn from your experience?

We want to see you market and promote SL through your own experiences. Show us what Service-Learning entails. Videos can be as creative as you choose; serious, funny, dramatic, animated and so on. You are free to use a camcorder, smartphone, or camera to capture footage.

Campus Resources

Contest Rules

1. All Service-Learning students are eligible to enter the video contest. 

2.Create one

A) 90 second video summarizing main points (think commercial). 


B) Create one Poster emphasizing project involvement during the selected course. 

3. Video must be appropriate for all ages.

4. The use of copyrighted material is prohibited in the video.

a. guide for royalty free music:

b. Video must credit media source in video, if used. 

5. Students submit videos via self-created youtube channel and notify SL in an email to Make sure to include your name and course in the subject line of the email include. After all submissions are received, all TXST students will be invited to vote for the winning video on the SL website.


         Judging Rubric

  • Did participants answer topic questions?
  • Were required credits listed?
  • Content of the video
  • Originality
  • Met time constraints