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Service-Learning Growth Fall 2021

There are 15 new Service-Learning classes this semester! These include courses in:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Education
  • English
  • Exercise & Sports Science
  • Geography
  • Honors
  • Mass Communication
  • Public Administration

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Scholarship Fund

The Service-Learning Excellence Program is currently trying to start a scholarship fund to support our outstanding and motivated students!
Current possible requirements include:
Students who have taken or are currently enrolled in a Service-Learning course.
We would appreciate any input about how the scholarship should be written!
Please email any input to

Service-Learning Activity Footage

Please contact us ( when your Service-Learning course will participate in a Service-Learning activity (either in person or virtually) so one of our team members can document the activity.

Graduation Cords

Buy your Service-Learning graduation cord now in time for graduation! Click on the button below to purchase today! More information on the website. 

Note: Cords will no longer be picked up from our offices as our team is working remotely. Cords are $14 plus sales tax.

Make sure to use the #txstsle when posting your graduation cords!



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