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Buy Honor Graduation Cords

How to Purchase an HONOR CORD

For Pick-up (COMMONS 207, 206, or 205): See office schedule below

During finals week, you can pick up cords during the following times:

11-5pm Tuesday, Dec. 7th,

11-5pm Thursday, Dec. 9th

11-5pm Friday, Dec. 10th

Last day for fall semester pickup is Friday, Dec. 10th. 

We will post Spring 2022 hours by the 2nd week of classes.

Service-Learning Honor Cord

Graduation Cord
SL Honor Cord

If you participated in a Service-Learning course, you are eligible to purchase a Service-Learning Honor Graduation Cord!  How to purchase:

  • Click "Purchase Honor Cord Now"
  • Make sure you select this Red /Gold honor cord.
  • For "SL Course" - enter the SL course (i.e, NURS 4320, MGT 4353, ...). If you aren't sure of the number, just enter the department (I.e, NURS, MGT, AG)

Entrepreneur Honor Cord

Graduation Cord
Entrepreneur Honor Cord

If you participated in any entrepreneurial program, 3Day Startup, CEO, ENT, I-Corps Program, ... or enrolled in an entrepreneurial course or watch the entrepreneur webinar series; You may purchase an Entrepreneurial Honor Graduation Cord.  How to purchase:

  • Click "Purchase Honor Cord Now"
  • Make sure you select this Silver / Teal / Maroon honor cord.
  • For "Entrepreneurial Course" or "Entrepreneurial Program"   Select "entrepreneurial program (i.e, 3DS, CEO, ENT, SIFE, ...)
  • For Entrepreneur Webinar Series Enter "Watched Webinar Series" Register for Entrepreneurial Webinar Series here.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we will now have online entrepreneurial events that students may “attend” to receive credit towards the purchase of an entrepreneurial cord. 

Please click here to complete the online entrepreneur event.