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Newman Civic Fellowship Application

How do you describe your gender identity? *
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Do you identify as a first-generational college student?

Newman Civic Fellow Personal Statement

In the space below, please provide a brief (200 word max) statement from the nominated student about their work. The student's name will appear under this personal statement. These personal statements will be used for publicity purposes and will be featured on Campus Compact's website. The student should include information central to the recommendation including their approach to addressing the root causes of social issues and their potential for developing innovative and collaborative strategies for addressing public problems. 

Example: I first became involved in addressing issues of economic inequality by volunteering with my family at a nearby homeless shelter on Saturdays while growing up. As I got older and became more involved in addressing homelessness in local communities, I came to understand how societal systems can work together to create cycles of poverty and can make it incredibly difficult for individuals to get a new start. On campus, I lead one of our student service organizations that raises money and organizes volunteers for the homeless shelter in town. I also am involved in community efforts to resist potential legislation that would criminalize homelessness and to advocate for policy proposals that would provide greater alternative sentencing options for youth convicted of a nonviolent minor crimes.