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Instructor: Gay-Lynn Armstrong, Viola Benavente, Nicholas Betz, Shawn Boyd, Stacey Cropley, Ya-Ching Huang, Janene Jeffery, Alisha Johnson, Brandy Wuollet

NURS 3110. Health Assessment Across the Life Span Practicum.

This course requires demonstrated competency in the performance and documentation of physical assessments of well individuals and nursing care plans using the nursing process, critical thinking, and evidence-based practice. Apply teaching/learning principles in meeting the education needs of patients and demonstrate measures to maintain confidentiality of personal health information.

1 Credit Hour. 0 Lecture Contact Hours. 4 Lab Contact Hours. 
Grade Mode: Credit/No Credit


Instructor: Gay-Lynn ArmstrongStacey Cropley, Andrea Paladino, Stephanie Patel, Virginia Tufano, Michele Wilson

NURS 4280. Community and Population Health Nursing Practicum.

Clinical experiences will expose students to a variety of community and public health environments, health programs and policies in order to learn how nursing care is delivered to populations in community settings.

2 Credit Hours. 0 Lecture Contact Hours. 8 Lab Contact Hours. 
Grade Mode: Credit/No Credit


Instructor: Nicholas Betz, Mary-Margaret Finney, Kelly Horn, Judith Lindsay, Stephanie Patel

NURS 4170. Pediatric Nursing Practicum.

This course is the clinical companion to NURS 4270. Concepts, knowledge, and skills taught in NURS 4270 will be applied in the simulation lab and clinical settings. Evidence-based, developmentally and culturally appropriate nursing care in a variety of patient-care settings will be emphasized.

1 Credit Hour. 0 Lecture Contact Hours. 4 Lab Contact Hours. 
Grade Mode: Credit/No Credit


Instructor: Elizabeth Biggan, Monica Hughes

NURS 4380. Community and Population Health Nursing.

This course explores concepts of Community-Oriented Nursing Practice with an emphasis on using the nursing process to assess the health of communities and diverse populations. Public Health Nursing Practice and Community-Based Nursing Practice are discussed with an emphasis on health promotion and the prevention of disability and disease.

3 Credit Hours. 3 Lecture Contact Hours. 0 Lab Contact Hours. 
Course Attribute(s): Lab Required
Grade Mode: Standard Letter