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Student Impact

What Texas State Students are saying about engaging in a service-learning class:

“I haven't had a chance to tell you this and also to thank you for the certificate for the class. I received a call from my parents about getting something in the mail and after they read it, they were really proud of me!”


 “Being able to use concepts from class and work with a local business is an amazing experience. It also helps in understanding a little of San Marcos’s history.”


“The project was a great effective way to apply concepts that

we learned throughout the semester, on actual based companies in the real world.”


“Adapting what you learn in class to real life businesses is a great experience.”


“Connects you to the San Marcos community.”

Impact on economic development from service-learning small business clients:

  • Added a new product line
  • Increased subscription base
  • Development of new vendors and vendor evaluation form
  • Development of a new logo
  • Expanded into new market
  • Developed client retention program
  • Hired one full-time sales employee
  • Increased operation efficiency
  • Improved capacity with current employee size
  • Increased owner efficiency from reactive to proactive
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Hired two new part-time employees
  • Identified opportunity to grow business through partnering with another local business
  • Increased quality & consistency of product