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About Us

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Service-Learning Excellence Program

Our MISSION is to enrich the collegiate learning experience by encouraging civic engagement, compelling student reflection, and fostering meaningful community relationships.  We assist faculty and students find opportunities to serve that enhance academic understanding while also strengthening the San Marcos community and beyond.

We recognize Service-Learning Excellence Program FELLOWS by providing students with certificates of completion recognize and publicize SL courses on website & press-releases, include course accomplishments in our annual report to the Provost, faculty receive a medallion to wear with regalia at graduation and faculty can apply for SL mini-grants.

We provide FACULTY RESOURCES to assist in transforming classes into service-learning courses or incorporating SL into their research. We offer workshops, assist in finding community partners, and how to incorporate REFLECTIVE assignments into SL courses. Reflective assignments can be pre/post surveys, presentations, written paper, directed focus groups, journals, or a completed project.

We provide our SL Fellows the opportunity to apply for Service-Learning Excellence MINI-GRANTS.  Faculty may apply for resources, up to $350, per faculty member, for activities related to developing, implementing, or expanding academic service-learning opportunities for Texas State students and faculty through course and/or research endeavors.

Service-Learning courses are found across the disciplines collaborating in the non-profit, for-profit & public sectors.

Engaging learners. Impacting the community. Bringing innovation to the classroom.

Service Learning Excellence Team

Dr. Jana Minifie

           Program Directors          
Stephanie Rodriguez, Shuka Alaee, Johnny Etienne

     Special Project Coordinators

Lisette Perez
Liz Gonzalez
Tiffany Lemuz
Jesus Chavarria
Sarie Aguirre