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SLE in San Marcos Community

Dr. Christine Norton’s Adventure Therapy:

"I loved climbing all the way to the top of the rock wall. It made me feel bold!" -Z (age 10)

"I learned it is good to use teamwork and not to give up." -K (age 12)

"We got to try different things every time, and everything was challenging and you think they can't do it but then you do!" -N (age 11)


SLE benefits faculty in developing courses with a deeper learning of course objectives, increases research, improves town and gown relations, among others.  

In terms of Faculty Digital Measures:

  • Teaching - SLE is an innovative teaching method. 
  • Research - Reflective components can be developed into published manuscripts.  
  • Service - Development of community impact.

Each year, starting in 2018, we have had a SLE Program Excellence in Research award.  This award is given each fall semester (applications due at the end of Spring Semester) and include a presentation at your college fall meeting, a plaque and a $500 stipend.

Access to Campus Reach, a SL Project Based Platform.

Award winnner

2019 SLE Program Research Award Winner Dr. Steven Rayburn

College of Business Administration, Marketing Department