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Mini Grant Course Application

Service-Learning Academic & Research Mini-Grant Application

Requests for Funding

Funding requests for Fall, Spring & Summer may be submitted beginning July for the next FY.  Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis and awarded based on funding availability. All requests should be made using the following form.

Course Related Mini Grants

Course Grant: Mini-grants are limited to $500 per faculty member per academic year for resources. 

Semester Offered (check all that apply) *
Which Mini-Grant(s) are you applying for? Resources grant - money will be transferred to your department for use by your class. Stipend - we pay you $500 and you decide how to spend the money.

If resource mini-grant funding is awarded, I agree to the following:

  • Funds will be used for the described project/course use only.
  • Funds will be spent by the end of the designated semester or project due date.
  • Fund use will conform to Texas State guidelines for the use of state funds.
  • The mini-grant money will be transferred to the faculty fellow's department for handing of all expenses.
  • Metrics from course/research must be submitted by the end of the appropriate semester or deadline established above.

If Thank you page is not working.

We will receive your application when you hit submit.  If for some reason the Thank You page is showing an error message, e will still receive your application.  We have our website expert working on fixing this.

If you have any questions, please email as at