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SL Research Award

This Award is intended to recognize and reward superior accomplishments, to provide models of excellence for fellow faculty, and to encourage all faculty to continue to perform, improve, and advance their service learning research activity.

The award is made on an annual basis. A single award will be made to faculty. Applications that don’t receive the award are automatically considered for one more year. All faculty including Clinical Faculty, Professors of Practice, Research faculty, Associate Deans, and Deans are eligible for these awards.

Faculty may receive an Award more than once, but not more than once every five years.

The Service-Learning Research Award consists of $500 and a plaque.


The award will be based exclusively on work conducted while appointed at Texas State University. In all award categories, a sustained record of achievement must be documented. In their deliberations, the committee will place emphasis on accomplishments over the prior five years.

Criteria includes:

  1. Sustained Commitment/Activity to Service-Learning Excellence Research;
  2. Internal/External Recognition;
  3. Impact or Significance of Endeavors of the Service-Learning Scholarly/Activity.

The faculty member or another member of the Texas State community can make nominations. A call for nominations will be sent out to faculty by February 15th by the SLE Program Director.


Nomination portfolios will consist of:

Required Documents (upload to the SLE Program website (.pdf files) (Nomination Form)

  1. Completed Nomination Form: Summary of significant scholarly/creative SL activities; Relevant Scholarly/Creative Activity section of the Texas State CV; A summary (not to exceed 150 words) of future SL research projects under review and/or in progress;
  2. A narrative to elucidate accomplishments of the SLE research. This may include a statement of personal goals or philosophy in award category and a statement that ties together activities (not to exceed 2 double-spaced, 12-pt. Times font pages with 1 inch margins);
  3. Internal/external invited letters/statements/testimonials to support accomplishments in award category (minimum of 3, not to exceed 6 letters).
  4. Total page limit of submission limited to 10 pages.
  5. Deadline is midnight on May 15th of each year.

Evidentiary materials / exhibits chosen by nominee. Attendant materials for exhibits, which, together with the required documents above, support:

  1. sustained commitment/activity;
  2. internal/external recognition of activity; and
  3. impact or significance of activity.

Nomination portfolios that do not conform to the documentation outlined above will not be considered.


By June 1, the SLE Program will review the nominations, and make recommendations based on the criteria outlined above. The committee will forward their first, second, and third choices to the associate provost. The nomination forms and the names of all university-level award nominees will accompany the ranked list of finalists.

By August 1, the SLE Program Director will announce the recipients of the award.

SLE Director will forward a news release to the Office of Media Relations.

2019 SLE Program Research Award Recipient, Dr. Steve Rayburn
Dr Steve Rayburn