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Benefits of SL


Personal Outcomes

  • Positive effect on personal efficacy, personal identity, spiritual growth, & moral development
  • Positive effect on interpersonal development and the ability to work well with others, leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills

Social Outcomes

  • Positive effect on reducing stereotypes and facilitating cultural & racial understanding
  • Positive effect on sense of social responsibility
  • Positive effect on commitment to service
  • Increased involvement in community service after graduation

Learning Outcomes

  • Improves academic performance (writing skills, complexity of understanding, problem analysis, critical thinking shills, & cognitive development
  • They self-report they learned more and were motivated to work harder in a service-learning class
  • Improves students’ ability to apply what they’ve learned” “brings books to life and life to book


  • Provides outlets for faculty professional expertise & opportunities for faculty research
  • Increased in satisfaction with quality of student learning
  • Enhances teaching quality
  • Report increased commitment to research
  • Increasingly integrate service-learning into courses
  • Enriches and enlivens teaching and learning


  • Increased satisfaction with student participation
  • Provides useful service in communities
  • Report enhanced university relations

Colleges & Universities

  • Service-learning courses increases student retention
  • Service-learning courses enhanced community relations
  • Students are more likely to graduate
  • Service-learning contributes to career development
  • Students have stronger faculty relationships

Texas State Values

“An exceptional undergraduate experience as the heart of what we do.”; “Engaged teaching and learning based in dialogue, student involvement, and the free exchange of ideas.”; “A commitment to public service as a resource for personal, educational, cultural, and economic development.”; “Thoughtful reflection, collaboration, planning, and evaluation as essential for meeting the changing needs of those we serve"