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SL Mini Grant Opportunities

Service-Learning Mini-Grants

The Service-Learning Excellence Program (under the Provost Office’s Service-Learning Initiative) is now offering a service-learning Mini-Grant Program for our Service-Learning Fellows. These mini-grants are intended to directly support activities related to developing, implementing, or expanding academic service-learning opportunities for Texas State students and faculty in course or research related projects. 

Applicants may request resources by submitting an application. Preference will be given to projects that directly impact the expansion and support of academic service-learning opportunities for Texas State faculty and/or students addressing critical community needs.  Grants will be accepted as long as funds are available. Applications are being taken now for fall, spring, or summer needs.


Must be a current Texas State Service-Learning Fellows.

Funding must be spent by the end of the semester or project due date specified and must conform to guidelines for the use of state funds. Support for faculty stipends are not supported at this time.

Recipients of Service-Learning Course Mini-Grants agree to provide the following Informational Resources to the Office for Service-Learning Excellence:

  • Provide an updated syllabus by the 12th class day showing “This is an Academic Service-Learning Course” designation near the title of the course, showing reflective assignment(s), and SL activity.
  • Distribute Service-Learning surveys or provide comments from reflective assignments
  • By grade submission deadline for the semester, submit to the Offices of Service-Learning Excellence:
    • Number of service-learning hours by students
    • Contact information of community partners (for follow up surveys)
    • Impact metrics (quotes from students and community partners regarding the experience)
    • Number of Indirect Community impact
    • Photos, if applicable

The Service-Learning Excellence Program will be glad to assist with surveys, training of reflective journal grading, time capturing forms, or other resources.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at: email:, or call: (512) 245-8234