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Mini Grant Course Application

Service-Learning Academic & Research Mini-Grant Application

Requests for Funding

Funding requests for Fall, Spring & Summer may be submitted beginning July 15 for the next FY.  Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis and awarded based on funding availability. All requests should be made using the following form.

Course Related Mini Grants

Course Grant: Mini-grants are limited to $500 per faculty member per semester for resources. GIA student assistance is available for up to 5 hours/week for one (1) SL course and up to 10 hours/week for two (2) or more SL courses by the same faculty member of record per semester.

Semester Offered (check all that apply) *
Which Mini-Grant(s) are you applying for?

If funding is awarded, I agree to the following:

  • Funds will be used for the described project/course use only.
  • Funds will be spent by the end of the designated semester or project due date.
  • Fund use will conform to Texas State guidelines for the use of state funds.
  • For prompt reimbursement of receipts, I will follow the receipt reimbursement guidelines.
  • Metrics from course/research must be submitted by the end of the appropriate semester or deadline established above.