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Faculty Research Award Submission

Nomination portfolios will consist of:

Required Documents:

1)   Completed Nomination Form: Summary of significant scholarly/creative SL activities; Relevant Scholarly/Creative Activity section of the Texas State CV; A summary (not to exceed 150 words) of future SL research projects under review and/or in progress; (See application below)

2)   A narrative to elucidate accomplishments of the SLE research. This may include a statement of personal goals or philosophy in award category and a statement that ties together activities (not to exceed 2 double-spaced, 12-pt. Times font pages with 1 inch margins); (Submit .pdf or word document)

3)   Internal/external invited letters/statements/testimonials to support accomplishments in award category (minimum of 3, not to exceed 6 letters). (Submit pdf or word documents)

4)   Deadline is midnight on June 1st of each year.

Evidentiary materials / exhibits chosen by nominee. Attendant materials for exhibits, which, together with the required documents above, support:

    1. sustained commitment/activity;
    2. internal/external recognition of activity; and
    3. impact or significance of activity.

Nomination portfolios that do not conform to the documentation outlined above will not be considered.