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Definition of GLP

The concept of Glocal Learning Program(GLP) is for research and development of interventions in learning and education for globally-connected, locally-rooted learners, educators, entrepreneurs, and future leaders, based on the collaboration with multiple international partners, Its "glocal" programs are characterized by both local and global considerations.

GLP aims to design and provide innovative programs, contents, and technologies for learning that can equip learners, educators, entrepreneurs, and future leaders with the knowledge, skills, tools and mindsets to prosper both in their local community and the global community. GLP will first serve in the greater Austin area (from San Marcos to Round Rock) and subsequently in other local areas in the globe, collaborating across borders and integrating resources and solutions with international partners.

"Glocal: The globalization of X is the migration and spread of X into different localities. Glocalization is globalization refracted through the local. In glocalization, the global and the local shape the end state. The result is heterogeneity.

Main Activities

More specially, GLP will:

1. Server learners, educators, entrepreneurs, and future leaders in San Marcos-Austin-Round Rock and other parts of the world concurrently with education programs, contents, and technologies through the collaboration with partners in multiple localities

2. Increase international interactions between multiple localities in the world, enhancing the benefits of the educational programs.

3. Develop educational models and technologies with partners to facilitate the innovation in focal educational areas.

4. Develop supplementary programs for the [glocal students] who have global aspirations but prefer to stay in their home country or region for education.

Main Units

GLP can have several units for glocal learning and education. Members and partners in multiple units collaborate together for each project.

Global Citizenship Education / Glocal Education

Adult Education/ / Transformational Education

Foreign Language / Culture Education

Intercultural Exchange

Education Technology Development

Glocal Entrepreneurship

Research in Glocal Learning and Innovation

International Technology Service and Transfer

Collaborative System

[Expected Local partners]

Service-Learning Excellence Program, Texas State University

College of Education, Texas State University

[Global Partners]

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Agriculture and Viniculture, State of Rheinland-Pflaz, Germany 

Korea SMEs and Startups Agency

Bittman Foundation, Germany

Several International Universities in EIG's network

[Entrepreneurial Innovators Group]

Global Education Unit (in Austin)

Education Technology Unit(in Seoul)

PrevioXR, LLC, VR technology

Reccobox, LLC, frontline service technology

Thank you!


Dr. Taewan Suh

+1 5128003054